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Saturday, March 5, 2016


December 18th, an important day for Ukesh Suwal. This is his birthday today. However, there is not much fun in his life even this day. He never felt any excitement regarding his birthday. He never felt like celebrating his birthday with any of his friends or family. He is ever friendly with almost every one, flirts and making everyone laugh. But in alone, he is different with no care for anything.

December 18th, 2015. As a usual day, he went to college. There was a lot going on there. He had a presentation to do coming Sunday and he have to be prepared. He knew the seriousness of the situation but he was not being able to concentrate on hi work. His friends were trying to make a whole team contribution for the project but his mind was flying somewhere else. And that was not helping his friends. His friends started shouting at him. But without saying anything, he just went out of there.

From there he went to the college garden. Even the beauty of garden did not pleased him, but the other people coming there irritated him. Therefore, he left the place and came out of the college compound for some walk. It being winter season, he enjoyed walking under clear sky with warm sun overhead. After walking for a while, he reached to the nearby pond.

That pond was a very popular local pond with Ganesh Temple alongside. Always crowed with people visiting there with their friends any family. Ukesh started walking around, looking at the beauty of that place, looking people enjoying, sharing love, some serious and like that. After looking all that he saw a girl, alone, who was looking a bit sad as he was feeling.

Ukesh stood still looking at that girl. That girl was not much special but he saw her as his own mirror, in that crowed place, sad and alone. People were coming and going, passing them, but he was not caring for anything. He was only looking at her. After a while, that girl noticed that someone is looking at her. Firstly, she felt normal but even after a while that continued. Therefore, she decided to leave the place.

She started walking away from that place. However, Ukesh was not willing to let her go. He started following her. She was repeatedly looking back and there was Ukesh every time. She felt Ukesh to be some suspicious person and decided to answer him for that. So walking a bit fast she hide herself when she was out of his sight.

When Ukesh reached that place but didn't saw her, where she went, looked around if he can get and didn't he felt as filling a great mission. When he was to walk back, she suddenly came in front and asked, "Why are you following me?" "Hum" he spoke out of surprize. "I am noticing you from sometime. You were following me. What is your intension? Why are you following me? There too, I saw you keeping eye on me. Are you going to answer or shall I start calling people?" "Wait, wait don't do that." Ukesh started. "Sorry for what ever made you feel uncomfortable." "Look, repeating that would not be good for you." She spoke of anger, and was about to leave. Then Ukesh stopped her saying, "Sorry for whatever I did. Please, can I have a talk with you?"

She: "Why do you think, I will have talk with you."

Ukesh: "Please, It will not take long, just few minutes."

She: No, and do not try following me again.

Ukesh: Please wait, just a moment.

Listening Ukesh requesting her, she decided to listen to him.

Ukesh: Not here, let us go to that cafe. (Pointing to nearby cafe and both of them went to that shop.) What would you like to have?

She: No, I do not want anything. (But Ukesh ordered two cup of coffee.)

She: Speak what you have to say. I do not have much time.

Ukesh: Sorry for whatever I did. I was just curious to know, why you were all alone in that crowed place.

She: Look that is none of your business. You were alone too. I did not asked you anything for that.

Listening to her angry voice, Ukesh tried to be softer this time.

Ukesh: I was just thinking if I have the biggest sorrow or someone else does have that too.

She: (Listening to Ukesh, her eyes started shining of tears.)

Ukesh: Please, speak out. I know we are strangers. But you can believe me.

She: (Finally, tears fell out of her eyes.)

Ukesh: Look, shearing sorrow decreases it. Doing that certainly might help you. If that did not you, do not know me anyway. You on your way and me on mine.

She: (cleaning her tears out of her face) I was feeling, every boys are same. But you look different.

Ukesh: Then I think you are sad of your boyfriend.

She: I do not have boyfriend.

Ukesh: Then what make you feel all boys are same.

She: I loved someone who never loved me.

Ukesh: Maybe that is because you did not loved one who loved you.

She: (Thinking for some time.) Yes, his name was Ukesh. He loved me a lot. However, there was something, which stopped me from loving him. He was a kind of crazy.

Ukesh: (Listening to what she said) I do not think name does matter.

She: You might do not know, Ukesh was a kind of shy too. He never purposed me formally. But he was always trying to make me feel his love. Sometime he behaves rude. He was not normal kind of person, as I might love.

Ukesh: When someone's in love, it normal to act crazy.

She: Now I realize that. That is what he thinks of me.

Ukesh: Who he?

She: I do not even want to take his name. Oh! It is getting late. I should go now.

Ukesh: Wait (he took a flower placed in table and gave to her.) By the way. My name is Ukesh. Is there any chance to see you again, maybe this evening?

She: No, I don't think so.

Ukesh: Oh, please. It's my birthday today.

She: Oh yea, that's so. Happy birthday to you then. But I don't think I can make it this evening. (And started walking.)

Ukesh: (Running to her) Umm, can I get your no.

She: 9818######

Ukesh: (saving her no. to mobile) what did you said your name.

She: (Smiling) S******.

And she went away. Then Ukesh walked back to his work.